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Photo Guidelines

  • Take the photo at eye level with your pet
  • Try and get your pet to look away from the camera slightly
  • Make sure your pets entire face & head is in the picture
  • Get close up so we can see your pets features clearly
  • Outdoor natural lighting will always produce the highest quality photos
  • Make sure the image isn't blurry

 Good Examples

good picture examples

Bad Examples

bad example images


Important note: The photo you upload will be the photo we use to create your custom artwork. So make sure you're happy with the quality, the angle and the features present on your pet. We can do basic edits like removing red eye, and flipping the image around. But if you ask us to close your pets mouth if it's open in the photo, change the colour of their fur, or similar requests, we can't do that.

If your photo doesn't adhere to our guidelines, we're unable to guarantee that the final artwork will come out as you want it to. We also can't offer replacements if you don't like the image you've used, because of the custom nature of the product. So we highly recommend you take time to take a good photo that you're 100% sure you're happy with.

Every example you see on our site was made from high quality photos, which is why they look so great. It is your responsibility to ensure the photo you send us meets our guidelines. In case it doesn't, we will do our best to make the artwork look good, but we can't guarantee that you will be happy with it.

We do our best to review every photo that our happy customers send us, but during busy times this isn't always possible, which is why it's crucial the photo you send is one you're happy with.